First-class telephone conferences up to 1000 participants

For larger telephone events with up to 1000 participants, AS-Call offers the “Premium Conference”.

This “Premium Conference” is suitable for purposes such as conferences with analysts, press conferences or to inform employees, due to the personal care of AS-Call in preparing the telephone event, the implementation and the subsequent evaluation.

Transposition and implementation of a “Premium Conference” takes place according to the requirements of the conference initiator. All participants can pre-register online for the event and will receive a personal access PIN.

Access to a “Premium Conference” is granted several ways, using a landline number within Germany, through every access numbers abroad or by using a number with 0800 prefix.

A personal salutation and pre-information given through an operator may be booked by the conference initiator. It is also possible that an operator calls certain VIP participants to connect them manually into the conference call.

While the ongoing conference call an operator will assist the conference initiator constantly who also would like to take over the technical moderation of a question-and-answer session.

After the end of the telephone event AS-Call provides a list with the participants and a recording of the “Premium Conference” as a mp3 file on demand.