Conference Call Basic

BASIC Web Manager

  • Overview of your existing conference rooms
  • Live-View for active participants
  • Online security administration
  • Online statistics and call data records

In the customer login area, you can make specific settings for your conference rooms.

Focus is on numerous safety-related functions:

Live-View / Overview active Conference Calls

Live-View shows you all active Conference Calls. So you see which conference rooms are in use and whitch participants are in the rooms.


A Conference Call PIN can be changed at any time. After generating a new PIN all previous PINs are invalidated.

Determine a Conference Call

You can determine an ongoing conference call at any time over the BASIC-Webmanager. All active participants in a conference call will be informed by an announcement and disconnect from system side.

Conference Call pause / Temporary deactivation

The conference call rooms can be temporarily paused. The PIN of a paused room will still remain and can be used, when the room is unpaused.

Presenter modus

You can activate or deactivate the presenter mode for all existing conference rooms.

Online statistics and call data records

In your AS-Call Online Account you can examine statistics of all past Conference Calls. You can check every bill and the monthly costs already incurred. Data of all Conference Calls are provided in realtime.

If the recording function is activated the whole conversation will be recorded in the BASIC tariff.

* Costs per minute and participant (for conference calls) using the individual landline access number with the prefix 0208 provided by Additional charges (depending on the callers telephone rates) for dialling the landline access number may apply.