Conference Call Professional

Interpreter Service

Now international conference calls are no longer a challenge when participants speaking different languages participate.

The Interpreter Service for AS-Call Conference Call offers access to interpreters that translate the conference content to nearly any language. The translation is optionally either simultaneously or consecutively.

The interpreter service is available in the following languages:
Western European languages English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek
Eastern European languages Polish, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian, Turkish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian
Scandinavian languages Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish
Asian and Arabic languages Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hebrew

For specialist conferences there are specialized interpreters available, with experiences in law, business, engineering, IT, marketing, art, literature and medicine.

Upon request, interpreters with highly specialized knowledge, such as (space) technology can be booked.

The interpreter service is booked through the customer service of AS-Call Conference Call.

Booking form for interpreter service (German)
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* Costs per minute and participant (for conference calls) using the individual landline access number with the prefix 0208 provided by Additional charges (depending on the callers telephone rates) for dialling the landline access number may apply.