Conference Call Professional

Dial-in options in Germany

  • Landline access with areacode 0208
  • Optional: German landline number (area code from your own city)*
  • Optional: 01805-access
  • Optional: 0800-access
  • Individual voice prompt and free Operator Help
Access number costs for participant Your costs
German landline access (area code 0208) Normal fixnet rates 5,9 ct.
01805 Dial-in (origin German fixnet) 14 ct. (incl. VAT) free
01805 Dial-in (origin German mobiles) max. 42 ct. (incl. VAT) free
0800 Dial-in (origin German fixnet) free 12,9 ct.
0800 Dial-In (origin German mobiles) free 25,9 ct.

All prices are per participant and per minute.
* Price is for the conferencing service by using the provided individual fixed-line dial-in number with prefix 0208. Additional charges (depending on the callers telephone rates) for dialling the landline access number may apply.

German landline access with area code 0208

AS-Call Conference Call offers you an own fixed line dial-in number. This number can be called to normal landline rates. For participants who have a flat-rate available for calls to the German fixed network, dialling the conference is free of charge.

German landline access with individual area code

If you want to offer an access number for AS-Call Conference Call in your own area, you can use an fixed line dial-in number with your own area code. This number can also be called to normal landline rates. Because it is necessary to sign a separate contract for such an access number, please contact the AS-Call customer service for further information.

Optional: 01805 Dial-in (in Germany)

Using the 01805 dial-in number costs Germany-wide from fixed networks 14 cents per minute and from mobile networks up to 42 cents per minute. The price per minute includes both, the telephone connection and the cost for using AS-Call Conference Call. So there are no costs for the conference initiator for 01805-participant

Optional: Toll-free 0800 access (in Germany)

When offerin a 0800 access number, the participant can join your AS-Call Conference Call with no charges. The 0800-number can be reached from the hole German fixnet an from German mobiles without any charge, because it is a toll-free access number.

The use of your 0800 dial-in number can be limited to certain areas of origin (eg, only landline) or to specific subscriber numbers, at your request. Please contact the AS-Call Customer Service to enter the appropriate settings.

Flexible use of dial-in numbers

You can use all your access numbers at the same time. So you can decide, for which participants you want to take over the conference costs (lokal access numbers, 0800 Dial-in) and who bears all conference costs alone (01805 Dial-in).

Please note that the 01805- and the 0800 Dial-in are only usable throughout Germany.

Personal greeting available (announcement)

Welcome your participants with an individual text each time they dial one of your access numbers. You send us your desired text and AS-call made an personal announcement, on request also in German and English.

The first order for an individual announcement is free, if you choose AS-Call Conference Call PROFESSIONAL.

Operatorservice inclusive

If a participant has problems to access a Conference Call, the caller will be lead automatically to the AS-Call Conference Call Operator-Service.

Our Customer Service will ask for the Conference Call PIN and in case of the right PIN, the participant will be put manually through the Conference Call.

* Costs per minute and participant (for conference calls) using the individual landline access number with the prefix 0208 provided by Additional charges (depending on the callers telephone rates) for dialling the landline access number may apply.