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Basic prices Price
Set-up costs (incl. creating a welcome message with your desired text) free
Monthly basic fee incl. LIVE-Webmanager free
Minimum usage no
Conference Call, per minute and participant** Price
German landline access (area code 0208) 5,9 ct.
01805 Dial-in free
0800 Dial-in (origin German fixnet) 12,9 ct.
0800 Dial-In (origin German mobiles) 25,9 ct.
Dial-in via international landline number see PDF
Dial-in via international toll free number see PDF
Billing cycle 1/1 second
Additional services Price
Creating a welcome message with your desired text (German / English) free
Setting up additional Conference Rooms online, per room free
Download a recorded conference call as an mp3 file free
Live-control of an AS-Call Conference Call via Live-Webmanager free
Management of cost centres and online statistics free
Change conference settings online free
Change of parameters by using the AS-Call customer service, per order 5,00 €

Price list (incl. incidental services) for commercial users (German)
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Preisliste Internationale Einwahlnummern
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* Costs per minute and participant (for conference calls) using the individual landline access number with the prefix 0208 provided by Additional charges (depending on the callers telephone rates) for dialling the landline access number may apply.

** The participants pay the costs for dialling the select access number. Using the 01805 dial-in number costs Germany-wide from fixed networks 14 cents per minute and from mobile networks up to 42 cents per minute. The 01805-price per minute includes both, the telephone connection and the cost for using AS-Call Conference Call. So there are no costs for the conference initiator for 01805-participants. dialling the 0800-access is free of charge throughout Germany.